Sue Darlison


Here is just a small selection of my work.

I make an infinite array of things for both indoors and outdoors. They can range from small personal or corporate gifts to complete rooms and anything in between.  Just ask …It is possible to recreate anything that you see here although the very nature of bespoke work means that each piece will be unique to you. No two are ever the same and often I make only one off or limited edition pieces. Some of the pieces shown are for sale.

Please contact me for more details.


Walnut Jewellery Box by Sue DarlisonDrift by Sue DarlisonPippy Tables by Sue DarlisonLacey Drawers by Sue DarlisonInner Piece by Sue DarlisonEthereal by Sue Darlisoncabinet by Sue Darlison


Spire by Sue DarlisonSlow Wave by Sue DarlisonRestful Wave by Sue DarlisonMeadow Bench by Sue Darlison